Summer Rules Chart

Motivate Your Kids to Move and EARN Electronics Time!

A simple but effective chart to keep your kids moving during the summer and not spend all their time on devices.

If your kids use any form of electronics, you know how quickly it can become a problem. Before you know it, they skip opportunities to ride bikes, take walks, or use the sprinkler and run through your kitchen sopping wet.

I've used a Summer Rules chart for the past two years and it works because it motivates my kids to do other things❤️ (and that's my goal).

In this file, you have three options:

1. A chart I've already created and filled in. Just print and go.

2. A chart with everything except the required time filled in. You set the time for each activity.

3. A blank chart where you can:

  • Fill in the specific things you want done every day.
  • Create a list of activities you know your child would enjoy.
  • Set a required amount of time for each individual activity.

Start your summer off on the right track and keep your kids moving! 

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