Homeschool Assignment Charts-Fillable Pdf

Teach your kids to work independently!

Fully editable assignment charts with three different designs. Black and white or color options- Both included!

A homeschool assignment chart is a system used to free up your time by teaching your older children to be more independent. They learn how to be responsible for their work and self-start each day. It's motivating and also a skill that carries over into adulthood.

This set of charts includes both color and black and white versions of each design for your printing preference. 

There are three different designs to choose from:

  • School
  • Sports
  • Floral 

There are two options with each design. The first is with the general subjects already filled in, and the second is completely blank for you to customize them.

There is space for notes and also a weekly calendar at the bottom to list events, due dates, or appointments.

Everything on the chart is fully editable so you can type in each area and print.

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