Mystery Box Ideas Sheet-Fun ideas for your homeschool workboxes!

Fun educational activities for your homeschool workboxes!

Get a big list of ideas to make your homeschool workboxes exciting!

Mystery boxes are the fun part of workboxes and what motivates your kids to keep working!

When your child has a subject he dislikes or takes a lot of brainpower to do, put a mystery box after it. This will make him want to finish so he can get to the fun stuff. Be sure to include activities your child will enjoy. It has to be sneaky learning!

I have done the work for you and put together a big list of mystery box ideas for every subject. Just glance at the list and fill the box with one of these ideas or something similar.

There are links to many of the ideas and also explanations to the ones we've made up on our own.

Grab the Mystery Box Ideas sheet and fill your workboxes with something fun today!

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