Career Exploration Worksheets

Helping your teen understand his unique interests and talents in order to choose the right career.

8-week elective course that can be done independently.

These Career Exploration Worksheets are designed as a course to walk teens through an 8-step process to discover many interesting things about themselves. They will take fun tests and answer questions, which help them discover their unique interests, talents, temperament, and personality.

Why should you buy this course?

  • Feel confident your child is learning to determine what the best occupations are for his unique characteristics
  • Have the peace of mind that your teen will discover information about himself to make wise choices about his future
  • Have a better understanding of your child’s personality and how to use it to his advantage
  • You will have a wealth of information to use as an course planner for high school classes
  • It’s a time-saver because the work is already done for you
  • You can use this as an elective course for credits
  • Your student can do this independently because it is laid out in a format this is easy to follow

Course takes approximately 8 weeks to complete.

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